Secure on Every Level, 24/7/365.

Safe from the hazards of an urban environment but convenient to major cities, Keystone NAP answers a critical market need for highly secure, high-performance data center services on the East Coast.

Built on the battle-hardened infrastructure of a former steel mill, the Keystone NAP campus is inherently overbuilt in both resources and security. In addition to the site’s remote location, which safeguards it against both man-made breaches natural disasters, we have installed multiple layers of physical and digital security to ensure complete protection of your critical data.

Keystone NAP’s 9 Rings of Security

  • Secure, gated peninsula of land not accessible to the public
  • Gated, key-card access to property
  • 24 x 7 x 365 security staff at gate-house
  • 24 x 7 x 365 security staff within building
  • Multi-factor authentication for building and KeyBlock access
  • Video camera surveillance over the property, building, and KeyBlocks
  • Separate access door to each customer KeyBlock
  • Key card access to each KeyBlock
  • Discrete service vendor access to each rack (optional)

360° Security.

Keystone NAP offers a multi-layered, 9-ring approach to multi-factor security that begins with its location on a gated, private peninsula. We also provide two layers of 24/7 x 365 armed security staff, multi-factor authentication for both building and KeyBlock access, and site-wide video surveillance.

Layered Protection of Your Critical Assets.

Keystone NAP provides complete security coverage of business-critical data for organizations within highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and pharma, and those web-scale enterprises where IT is intrinsic to their business.


Secure Your Place at Keystone NAP Today.

Locate to one of a select few data centers in the United States to offer infrastructure support consistent with the demands of today’s web-scale enterprises.