Benefits Beyond Compare.

Keystone NAP was created to meet the pressing need for advanced data center options in proximity to the critical Northeastern markets in the United States.

Despite being a hub for vital industries with major IT infrastructure requirements – including the healthcare/pharmaceutical, finance, and media verticals – alarmingly, the Northeast lacks data center facilities capable of supporting web-scale enterprises.

These companies need to ensure optimal application performance whether they are storing and delivering data and services to their own employees, or using the cloud to support customer-facing applications in the most densely populated region of our nation.

Keystone NAP is the first offering of its kind to help these enterprises power their business presence within the underserved East Coast—bringing unmatched benefits for our customers, on every level.

Not All Data Centers Are Created Equal


Experience the Keystone NAP Benefits:
Cost Efficiencies in Premier Environment

Unequaled Facility

  • Close proximity & easy access to key northeast markets
  • Safe from natural hazards & overbuilt in power
  • Robustly resourced & highly networked, all with built-in redundancy
  • Advanced design architected to maximize your efficiencies

Inherent Efficiencies

  • Low-cost power fed by multiple nearby industrial-grade feeds
  • Innate aquifer that enables significant savings in cooling costs
  • Modular model to optimize power and cooling profile to your distinct needs
  • Stackable modules to maximize capacity and mitigate growth constraints


  • Extremely efficient deployment model to make migration easy
  • Web-scale infrastructure to support virtually limitless growth capacity
  • Modularity to ensure against technology obsolescence
  • State and local tax-free (Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone)