High Velocity Connectivity.

Gain access to a web-scale network infrastructure offering high-speed, low-latency connections that power high-quality application performance.

Keystone NAP offers diverse, carrier-neutral connections that guarantee network performance throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond, with multiple physical network paths leading to and from our site. Our direct network partnerships with Comcast and Sunesys connect us to multiple major peering points via nearly 151,000 route miles of fiber.

The Keystone NAP Connectivity Profile

  • Offering diverse, redundant routes to BOS, NY, NJ, PHL, NoVA, and CHI
  • Connecting to a multitude of major peering points via 151,000 miles of route fiber
  • Access to carrier-neutral dark fiber connections for customer use
  • Internal fiber connectivity between Meet-Me-Rooms and KeyBlocks
  • Cloud-friendly connections to Amazon AWS & Mircosoft Azure

Make an Immediate Connection.

Our close proximity to major transit lines and their high-speed private networks allows us to deliver even the last-mile connection at break-neck speeds—guaranteeing low latency levels that support robust communications with Philadelphia, New York City and surrounding areas.

Combining this comprehensive connectivity with the extreme power durability, multi-tenant data center services, security, and capacity that today’s web-scale enterprises require, Keystone NAP is the elite choice for companies looking to connect to the Northeast market.


Light Up New Routes.

Our partnership with Sunesys also gives us the ability to help customers light up dark fiber connections which are not owned and operated by any telecom carrier, providing enormous flexibility in how the networks are provisioned, maintained, secured and upgraded.

Additionally, Keystone NAP connects to major cloud services including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Connect with Keystone NAP Today, Create a Future-Proof Data Center of Tomorrow.

Learn how Keystone NAP ensures the greatest network performance and flexibility for customers, providing everything today’s highly networked, web-scale companies need.