Power House Performance.

Tap into the overbuilt power infrastructure inherited by Keystone NAP from the campus’ former tenant, U.S. Steel, and guarantee uninterruptable, industrial-strength reliability.

Our location’s distinctive history has led to the buildup of its extreme, battle-hardened infrastructure, which is fed by an array of robust and redundant surrounding resources. This includes a power infrastructure that aggregates over 2,040MW of power from four industrial-grade power feeds within a few mile radius – supporting an unprecedented amount power durability.

The Keystone NAP Power Profile

  • Aggregating over 2,040MW of total power
  • Fed by 4 on-site industrial-grade feeds
  • Featuring redundant, on-site 69kV substations
  • Providing 101-404W/sq ft of power density
  • Configurable power services from 100kW to 400kW

Unmatched Power Durability.

  • 53MW trash to steam power
  • 747MW coal/gas power
  • 1180MW natural gas power
  • 60MW landfill gas power

This power is delivered via multiple dedicated 69kV substations, with transfer switching devices connecting to a redundant, on-site generator farm. You’ll also benefit from exceptional power density at 101-404W/sq ft in each KeyBlock vault.

keystone power sources53mW747mw1180mw60mw

Power Up – and Up and Up.

As part of Keystone NAP’s advanced design, we’ve co-developed with Schnieder Electric a system of private, customizable KeyBlock™ vaults that take advantage of our site’s matched power durability.

These data center encapsulation modules can be custom-configured to deliver anywhere from 100kW to 400kW of redundant, uninterruptable power for your specific requirements. And if those power needs change? We can easily scale your power profile to meet both known and unforeseen demands.


Create a Powerful Business Presence in the Northeast.

Choose Keystone NAP to infuse your business and its critical applications with power house strength. Learn more today!