Designed to Advance Your Business Presence.

Every aspect of Keystone NAP was built for today’s increasingly digital business environment, and the demands for more powerful, scalable, flexible, and quickly deployable data centers.

With the IT world rapidly evolving, enterprises need flexible and cost-effective alternatives to traditional, on-premise data centers. The Keystone NAP advanced data center is inherently overbuilt in power, connectivity, and security, and has been engineered with an adaptable, scalable infrastructure that takes full advantage of those resources to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

The Anatomy of a KeyBlock™

  • Private data center vaults with self-enclosed power modules, UPS, switchboards, fire suppression, monitoring, and security
  • Each 990 sq ft KeyBlock supports 20 to 40 racks
  • Supports power density of 4-20kW per rack
  • Customizable power services in each KeyBlock ranging from 100kW to 400kW
  • Internal fiber connectivity to each KeyBlock fed by Dual Meet-Me-Rooms

A Data Center Customized to Your Demands.

In partnership with Schneider Electric, we’ve co-developed a system of private, modular KeyBlock™ vaults that enable rapid deployment and scalability. Each self-encapsulated container can be custom-configured to our customers’ specific power, cooling and redundancy requirements, with uninterruptable power profiles ranging from 100kW to 400kW.

The ease and speed of deployment enabled by these prefabricated modules make it possible for Keystone NAP to meet any customer’s individual needs with an accelerated speed to market.


A Data Center that is Always Optimized.

Keystone NAP’s modular innovation gives organizations ultimate flexibility to tailor power and cooling consumption to their unique data center demands, minimizing oversizing and up-front expenditures. It also allows for easy technology upgrades, removing the threat of obsolescence in today’s ever-evolving IT landscape.


Design the Optimal Data Center to Advance Your Competitive Edge.

Realize the value of a flexible, scalable, and reliable outsourced data center solution designed to support your current and future needs.