What if your data center could power your competitive advantage? It can.

Organizations looking to better serve the Northeast may not think it cost-effective or even achievable to find colocation services that guarantee performance and unlimited growth capacity for enterprise apps, big data and cloud services—but Keystone NAP is advancing those possibilities.

Now healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, and Web-scale enterprises can tap into the one-of-a-kind resources of the Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center to achieve unparalleled application performance and virtually limitless growth. Explore the scenarios.

What if your data center could be built on the unnatural resources of a battle-hardened infrastructure? It can.

The historical site of a former steel mill, our campus has inherited a robustly resourced infrastructure that is overbuilt in power, connectivity, and security–assuring industrial-strength reliability for both planned and unforeseen demands.
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What if you could ensure your data center against obsolescence? You can.

Keystone NAP’s KeyBlock™ technology eliminates the threat of obsolescence posed by both in-house and outsourced data centers. Our modular colocation model provides you with scalable, self-contained vaults built to progress with the rapid evolution of technology—and the natural growth of your business.
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What if you could optimize application performance while focusing on your core business? You can.

Data center operations should empower you to concentrate on core business drivers, not distract from them. Through advanced application services, we provide expert monitoring and management support to keep your network operating at peak performance, so you can stay focused on running your business.
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What if the move to Keystone NAP were seamless? It is.

We believe that relocating data centers should not require an army of consultants. Our proven deployment approach makes migration an efficient experience. From inventorying systems to installation and testing, we’ll help you map and execute an optimal transition plan.
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Advance Your Business Possibilities with Keystone NAP.

Make the impossible possible for your business at the Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center.