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The Power of the Power: Keystone NAP’s 2,040 Megawatt Advanced Data Center

Located on the site of a former Pennsylvania steel mill, Keystone NAP enjoys an inherited power infrastructure that is unrivaled anywhere in the country. The steel mill, located in Fairless Hills, PA, was the largest vertically integrated steel production site in the United States when it was constructed more than 60 years ago.

Keystone NAP - Power Diagram
Years later, when steel production slowed, a number of independent power generation plants sprung up on the peninsula to take advantage of the proximity to the Northeast power grid.

Today, Keystone NAP is taking advantage of the existing power infrastructure on this unique site which would be impractical if not impossible to build today.

For companies relying heavily on enterprise apps, as well as those businesses delivering cloud services, Keystone NAP’s web-scale infrastructure and 2,040 megawatts of available power offers immeasurable peace of mind. If the Northeast power grid were to go down, the Keystone NAP advanced data center facility would not lose power.

From a power perspective, Keystone NAP offers:

  • Guaranteed power durability with four independent power generation plants: including a 53 megawatt trash to steam power feed; 747 megawatt coal/gas power feed; 1180 megawatt natural gas power feed; and 60 megawatt landfill gas power feed
  • Custom-deployed, modular KeyBlock units configured to deliver 100kW to 400kW of redundant, 2N, conditioned, uninterruptible power
  • Power density available at 4-20 kW per rack
Keystone NAP - Campus View Diagram

Looking ahead, Keystone NAP is uniquely positioned to address the exploding data center demand from enterprise customers and cloud services providers with rigorous application performance requirements. Keystone NAP has the resources and expertise to serve large enterprises today and an expansion capacity to help customers meet both planned and unforeseen demands in the future.