From the Lab

Key Considerations for Data Center Developers

A recent article in Commercial Property (CP) Executive, which quotes Keystone NAP CEO Peter Ritz, highlights the need for fast-track construction and efficient cooling of data centers. Driving the need for fast and flexible construction is the tendency for large amounts of data to attract related services and applications. “Data gravity at the secure edge is a burgeoning technology trend,” Ritz said.

To meet this challenge, advanced data centers are turning to prefabricated modules. For Keystone NAP, the solution is a proprietary system of modular, stackable data-center vaults from Schneider Electric. This approach can make a data center not only more agile, but also more energy efficient. “Modular, scalable power and cooling equipment is ideal for both new data-center builds and existing facilities, because owners and operators can add capacity as needed, instead of having to overbuild in order to accommodate potential future demand,” said Schneider Electric executive Robert Bunger.

As data and related systems cluster in network edge facilities, heat rises. Among the options for more efficient cooling reviewed in the CPExecutive article are hot aisle/cold aisle airflow, in-row cooling, the Kyoto wheel, adiabatic cooling, direct-to-chip liquid cooling, and submerged motherboard cooling.