From the Lab

How Keystone NAP Cuts Cooling and Power Costs in Half

Power and cooling are two of the largest cost factors in a data center deployment. And while engineers have found new ways to improve power usage efficiency (PUE), many older facilities are not designed to take advantage of these developments.

Picture a traditional data center – or as we like to call it, a Plain Old Data Center (PODC). Racks of servers are lined up in cages with fans blasting out air to keep the room temperature cool. Typically, a PODC has a PUE rating of 2.0 or greater.

A newer Advanced Data Center (ADC) like Keystone NAP, however, can reduce PUE dramatically. By combining a modular design with hot-air containment, Keystone NAP drops PUE down to a much more efficient rating of 1.3.

On the modularity front, each Keyblock in our facility acts as a private vault for customers uncontaminated by the environmental conditions created by other data center tenants. There is no added heat or power draw imposed by neighboring server racks. Instead, each customer controls his own space, with power and cooling configurations optimized for the specific deployment.

Also in our pre-fabricated Keyblocks, we include two hot-air containment aisles constructed like horizontal chimneys. These aisles separate hot air from cold, and drive the hot air away from operating equipment. Some older facilities rely on cold-air containment aisles, but, for a variety of reasons, that approach is less efficient than hot-air containment. In a recent analysis by Schneider Electric, hot-air containment was found to reduce PUE by 13% and lead to a savings of 40% in annual cooling system energy costs.

At Keystone NAP, we also offer the advantage of a pre-negotiated bulk price for power. The average cost per kilowatt hour in the Philadelphia region is around 14 cents, with that average going up to 17 or 18 cents in the New York metropolitan area. The Keystone NAP rate is 9.5 cents per kilowatt hour… with no additional taxes or fees.

Putting PUE and our kilowatt-per-hour rate together, Keystone NAP delivers exceptional cost savings. In fact, assuming a constant power draw of five kilowatts per server and 22 racks per Keyblock, the monthly recurring cost for power drops from more than $22,000 with a PUE of 2.0 and a kWH rate of 14 cents to just under $10,000 with a PUE of 1.3 and a kWH rate of 9.5 cents

Keystone NAP has additional cooling innovations planned for the future – including the use of an on-site aquifer – but even today, our facility is designed to keep power and cooling costs low. The numbers are hard to beat.