From the Lab

Data Centers in Demand

2014 marked a major shift for the enterprise market as more companies moved away from managing their own data centers and toward outsourced alternatives with third-party providers. Demand for space in multi-tenant data centers (MTDC) continued to grow, and 451 Research has suggested that average MTDC utilization in top US markets is now close to 90%.

Unfortunately, MTDC popularity creates a problem. As much as companies want to move more of their data and applications into colocation facilities, the viable options for doing so in some regions of the country are limited.

In the US, data center infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with enterprise growth throughout the Northeast. While Las Vegas, Miami, and other metropolitan areas host major Network Access Points (NAPs), the northeastern corridor is lacking Advanced Data Centers (ADCs) that offer extreme power durability and comprehensive connectivity in conjunction with robust colocation services, high-grade security, and massive capacity for future growth.

Increasingly, existing telco hotels – even those that still have available real estate – aren’t sufficient for the needs of a modern web-scale enterprise. They lack redundant power, don’t offer advanced network management services, or can’t deliver the flexibility that companies need to customize resource configurations.

With demand on the rise, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York in particular need new solutions for enterprise data management. We’re coming up on 2015, and older facilities with legacy infrastructure are no longer  making the grade. It’s time for Advanced Data Centers to come to the Northeast.