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Taking the Fear Out of Data Center Migration

Data centers are the heart of any large-scale enterprise. And because they house the information and applications that make business possible, it's hard to imagine disrupting one voluntarily. Sometimes, however, a company outgrows its available space, or decides that projected performance issues are unsolvable within the existing environment. When that happens, a data center migration is in order.

Bring on the Hybrid Cloud

The term “cloud” has always been a little fuzzy, but from an enterprise perspective, businesses are finally figuring out how to adapt the notion to fit the practical reality of everyday operations. At a high level (pun intended), the cloud is simply a space for digital information and applications. The same environment, however, doesn’t work…

First KeyBlock Arrives at Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center Facility

The Keystone NAP facility is progressing by the truck load! Just in time for the New Year, our first KeyBlock module has arrived. Additional modules will ship over the next few weeks. Our engineering teams are hard at work connecting 2N power, cooling and network infrastructure. You can see half of a KeyBlock on the flatbed truck above. A full KeyBlock is assembled from two sections and measures roughly 45 feet by 21 feet, weighing over 50,000 lbs.

Data Centers in Demand

2014 marked a major shift for the enterprise market as more companies moved away from managing their own data centers and toward outsourced alternatives with third-party providers. Demand for space in multi-tenant data centers (MTDC) continued to grow, and 451 Research has suggested that average MTDC utilization in top US markets is now close to 90%.

The Rise of the Modular Data Center

Amazon's doing it. Microsoft's doing it. Fidelity and Bank of America are doing it. Facebook's doing it and calling it Ikea-inspired. All of these companies – and more – are going modular.

3, 2, 1… Go! Data Center Trends, Strategies & Challenges

The rapid evolution of enterprise IT is having an enormous impact on data center design and operations. To discuss where the market is headed, Keystone NAP’s Shawn Carey (SVP of Sales & Marketing and co-founder) sat down recently with Datacenter Dynamics and a panel of experts from data center companies around the country.

5 Ways to Connect with Keystone NAP

Enterprise connectivity isn’t what it used to be. We don’t have to ship storage tapes around on trucks anymore, or courier large electronic files on discs. Today, broadband networks are fast enough to keep businesses connected even when enterprise data and applications are hosted miles away in an off-site data center. But how does that…

The Power of the Power: Keystone NAP’s 2,040 Megawatt Advanced Data Center

Located on the site of a former Pennsylvania steel mill, Keystone NAP enjoys an inherited power infrastructure that is unrivaled anywhere in the country. The steel mill, located in Fairless Hills, PA, was the largest vertically integrated steel production site in the United States when it was constructed more than 60 years ago. Years later,…

Introducing Keystone NAP—An Advanced Data Center for the Northeast

It is with great pride that Keystone NAP, after years of meticulous research and preparation, unveils today the first advanced data center in the northeastern US. Located on the site of a former steel mill in Fairless Hills, PA, Keystone NAP combines extreme power durability and comprehensive connectivity with robust multi-tenant data center services, high-grade…