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Three Data Center Power Trends

Data centers consume so much energy that they might as well be called power & data centers. That’s unlikely to happen, but interest in data center power is growing all the same, as customers want to ensure that their compute operations are driven by energy that is reliably and diversely sourced, flexibly delivered and fairly…

The Once and Future Data Center: Containers to Components

Modular data centers have a stealthy origin, a history that includes a transformation from niche containers to more mainstream and flexible components, and a future of customized prefabrication that is central to Keystone’s value proposition. Some of the earliest container-based systems may have been the field units of the US military’s global command and control…

Five Ways that Data Center Location Matters

The IT “cloud” draws attention away from the physical plant, but as with residential home buyers, enterprises looking at data centers have reason to pay attention to location. Instead of checking out schools and nearby attractions, however, IT managers are considering other location-related factors, such as: proximity, setting, power, economy and market trends. Proximity –…

Keystone NAP Takes Rack and Stack to New Heights

“Rack and stack” is industry lingo. It refers to deploying layers of electronic equipment within an array of computer racks or cabinets. But at Keystone NAP, we have expanded that expression and taken it to new heights.

Key Considerations for Data Center Developers

A recent article in Commercial Property (CP) Executive, which quotes Keystone NAP CEO Peter Ritz, highlights the need for fast-track construction and efficient cooling of data centers. Driving the need for fast and flexible construction is the tendency for large amounts of data to attract related services and applications. “Data gravity at the secure edge…

The Future of Healthcare Needs a Strong Data Center Foundation

The annual HIMSS Conference, recently held April 12-16 in Chicago, is a showcase of the latest innovations in technology and healthcare. From telemedicine to sophisticated medical imaging to advancements in electronic medical records, exhibitors are eager to highlight the newest applications driving the industry forward.

How Keystone NAP Cuts Cooling and Power Costs in Half

Power and cooling are two of the largest cost factors in a data center deployment. And while engineers have found new ways to improve power usage efficiency (PUE), many older facilities are not designed to take advantage of these developments.

3 Insights from the DataCenter Insights Summit

The recent DataCenter Insights conference was chock full of information, enterprise case studies, and market analysis. It can't all be distilled down to a single blog post, but we can share a few of the themes that surfaced repeatedly throughout the event.

Shining a Spotlight on Dark Fiber’s Return

Twenty years after the telecom industry collectively blew its budget on massive network deployments, the market is once again showing an interest in dark fiber. According to a December report published by research firm IBISWorld, the dark fiber market has grown more than 10% annually since 2009. And while the report projects that the industry…

Why Today’s Power Metrics Are All Wrong

It’s time to change the way we evaluate power density in our data centers. Traditionally, the industry has rated power capacity by measuring watts per square foot, but the old standards are far less meaningful today than they once were. With hardware virtualization and higher-performance processors, companies are cramming a lot more into their servers…