From the Lab

5 Ways to Connect with Keystone NAP

Enterprise connectivity isn’t what it used to be. We don’t have to ship storage tapes around on trucks anymore, or courier large electronic files on discs. Today, broadband networks are fast enough to keep businesses connected even when enterprise data and applications are hosted miles away in an off-site data center.

But how does that broadband connectivity work?

At Keystone NAP, we offer multiple options for customers who need web-scale infrastructure and high-speed, low-latency connections to and from our advanced data center.

  • Through our partnership with Sunesys, we are directly connected to major peering points throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond, providing transit to dozens of telecom hotel sites, and a fast and secure link to the carriers that interconnect in those facilities.
  • The Sunesys partnership also gives us the ability to help customers light up their own dark fiber between company locations. Because these connections aren’t owned and operated by a telecom carrier, customers have enormous flexibility in how the networks are provisioned, maintained, secured and upgraded.
  • Comcast is another strategic Keystone NAP partner and offers award-winning, high-performance Ethernet services for business customers who need to connect multiple locations. Our customers can work with Comcast directly, or Keystone NAP can manage the connectivity and the business relationship as a network facilitator.
  • Thanks to the location of Keystone NAP, we offer close proximity to major network transit lines delivering low latency, high-speed private networks, and, because we have a direct line in to Comcast’s nearest regional node, we deliver even the last-mile connection at break-neck speeds without relying on aging copper-based network infrastructure.
  • Fifth and finally, Keystone NAP is cloud-friendly. We connect to major cloud services including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure through interconnections at peering points today, and we plan to connect directly in the future.

Connectivity is critical for any data center, and we’ve designed our on-site infrastructure and service offerings to ensure the greatest network performance and flexibility for our customers. With diverse connectivity, carrier-neutral services, and a fiber-rich environment in the surrounding region, the Keystone NAP advanced data center provides everything today’s networked, web-scale companies need.

As part of an elite category of facilities, Keystone NAP is one of a select few data centers in the United States to deliver the web-scale infrastructure and first-class network and application services that large enterprises need to compete in demanding markets today and in the future.

Keystone NAP is the only advanced data center in the Northeast to combine extreme power durability and comprehensive connectivity with the multi-tenant data center services, security, and capacity that today’s web-scale enterprises require.